These Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus Bundles are a tasty and elegant side dish to any meal. They are ridiculously easy to make, and full of flavor. 

When choosing asparagus, you want to make sure each stalk is firm in texture and  bright green in color. You also want to make sure the tips are firm and closed, and that the bottoms are not dry.

To make the wrapped asparagus, all you need is some prosciutto, fresh asparagus, and your favorite spreadable cheese.

Step 1: Wash and trim your asparagus, then place into small bundles. Step 2: Add a dollop of cheese onto the prosciutto.

Step 3: Gently roll the prosciutto around the asparagus and secure. Repeat this for all of the asparagus bundles.

Step 4: Place the asparagus on a lined baking sheet and top with a sprinkle of sea salt, then bake.  You can also grill the asparagus bundles if you prefer.

These prosciutto wrapped asparagus bundles are the perfect side dish to enjoy with with your favorite grilled meat, chicken or fish.

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