This Potato Salad recipe is bursting with freshness. It’s the perfect combination of potatoes, herbs, and a zesty dressing, and no mayo required!

This no mayo potato salad comes together with little effort. All you need are potatoes, herbs, lemon juice, olive oil and some spices.

Step 1: Wash the potatoes thoroughly, then cut them into bite-size pieces and place them in a large pot of salted cold water. Cook until fork tender.

Step 2: Once the potatoes are done, drain them well and add them to a large bowl.

Step 3: To the potatoes add the chopped herbs, olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt, sumac, and Aleppo pepper, then gently toss to combine.

Step 4: Taste the potato salad and adjust seasonings as needed. Add more lemon juice for additional zing, or more salt, depending on your taste buds.

Step 5: Allow the potato salad to cool in the refrigerator, then serve at room temperature, or slightly chilled.

This no mayo potato salad is the perfect side dish for your next summer BBQ. Serve it alongside burgers, grilled meats or fish.

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