This Creamy Potato Salad is the perfect addition to your next BBQ, potluck or picnic! This recipe is so easy to make, and you likely will have most of the ingredients in your pantry.

Mayo, dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar and paprika are combined to form a simple yet incredibly delicious dressing.

Step 1: Wash, chop and boil the potatoes. I like to use Yukon Gold Potatoes for a super creamy texture.

Step 2: Make the dressing by adding apple cinder vinegar, mayo, mustard, paprika, salt and pepper to a bowl. Next whisk to combine.

Step 3: When the potatoes are soft, drain them and add to a bowl. While warm, top the potatoes with the dressing, and toss to combine.

Step 4: Add in the chopped herbs, onions and celery, and toss again to combine. Place in the fridge for 4-6 hours to chill.

This potato salad tastes best the next day, so feel free to make this in advance. Serve as a side with hamburgers, hot dogs, or your favorite smoked meats.

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