Get ready to elevate your game with this blended cottage cheese recipe. Protein-packed cottage cheese is whipped in the food processor creating a light, creamy, and delicious variation.

Whipped cottage cheese is so versatile. You can slather it on toast, or add it to a bowl, and top it with fruit and granola. It's also a great substitute for cream cheese or sour cream.

All you need is a container of low-fat or full-fat cottage cheese. Make sure you use a good quality brand such as Good Culture.

Step 1: Add your cottage cheese to the base of your food processor or high speed blender.

Step 2: Blend the cottage cheese. Stop to scrape down the slides of the food processor or blender with a spatula. Then continue to pulse until airy and creamy.

Once the whipped cottage cheese is light and airy, it is ready. Place it in a dish or air tight container if you are going. to use it later.

Use this whipped cottage cheese to top toast, as a dip or spread. Click the link for the full recipe along with tips and tricks.

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