This Aperol Soda cocktail is a bright flavorful drink made up of Aperol, Club Soda and garnished with an orange slice. It's the perfect happy hour cocktail!

This Aperol cocktail only requires 3 ingredients and comes together quickly, making it the ideal single serve aperitif to enjoy on a hot summer night.

Step 1: Add plenty of ice to a cocktail or wine glass. Step 2:. Add the Aperol and Club Soda, then give it a gentle stir.

Step 3: Garnish your glass with a slice of blood orange and enjoy! Bonus: If you want to make cocktail a bit boozier go heavier on the aperol!

Aperol also has a low alcohol content, roughly 11%, which is ideal for pre-dinner drinks. Try this refreshing cocktail with some meats and cheese.

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